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Dr. Beate Pottmann-Knapp

Doctor of Psychotherapy Sciences – Psychotherapist – Life and Social Counselor, Dietician

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In view of the current life-changing circumstances and the great crisis caused by the Corona virus, I would like to offer some help to every anxious or affected person with the meditations on the left.

I hope I can help a little bit and reduce existing suffering.


Dr. Beate Pottmann-Knapp
Maria Wörth


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MyWaysprogram is the result of many lived steps and reflects what I have learned, experienced, recognized and learned – but most of all it is authentic ❤️

All contents are proven and can generate honest and real benefits. I very much hope that you too will benefit from this path. Take the next step. Discover how it can be to create contemporary, conscious and with the best possible emotional quality of life. Therefore MyWays!

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about me


When I look back on the years and decades of my life today, I can see that many of my once seemingly illogical decisions and deliberate changes are now taken as a matter of course to form a broad path with solid ground, like a big whole, giving meaning.

Even the fateful facts and decisions of others, which seemed to obstruct my path, find their place in the landscape of the lived years.

Embedded in time and space as life is now, with all its challenges, changes on the outside and inside shape one’s own life path. My path has taught me a lot about bonding and relationship in family and interpersonal settings. In addition, the understanding of social structures with other species, the animate and inanimate nature and everything that makes up being human.

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